Animal Save Movement

The Save Movement is comprised of groups around the world who bear witness to pigs, cows, chickens and other farmed animals en route to slaughter. Our goal is to raise awareness about the plight of farmed animals, to help people become vegan, and to build a mass-based, grassroots animal justice movement.

Health Save Movement

 The Health Save Movement aims is to give people control overtheir health by educating them about,the benefits that a plant-based diet has to offer, to promote a plant-based diet as the main strategy to solve the epidemic of non-communicable diseases of present time, and to recognize its capacity to help solve other pressing issues such as climate change and environment destruction.

Climate Save Movement

The Climate Save Movement is building a grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis by ending animal agriculture, reforesting the Earth and phasing out fossil fuels.

Animal agriculture is a key source of greenhouse gas emissions, which can all be eliminated entirely. It is also the leading source of ocean dead zones, deforestation, mass species extinctions, and excessive water use. Veganism and reforestation are critical parts of climate actions and, along with eliminating fossil fuels, are our last hope against catastrophic tipping points for our climate.